Argan Oil

Argan oil is a rare and a reach in vitamins such as E, A, and Omega 3, and its high-quality kind is found in Morocco. This country supplies about 90 % of the world’s oil, and regarding this, one can say that the best and the most high-quality kind of if is found in Morocco, and “oriental Group” company is one of the vanguard in this orena.

Today, This oil is applied in a variety of Gosmetic and even therapeutic products due to its lot therapeutic benefits. This oil has many advantages in the field of skin, hair, and even nails, Nowadays, This oil is applied in improving the health and beauty of skin and hair, Topically or even orally.

At the present, many companies are about to providing this product in their product portfolio with respect to the consumer demand, but the chemical aspect of this product has always been more important than the quality and originality of it, because of the lack of knowledge on how to distinguish original and organic organ oil.

GODDESS Argan oil, produced in “Oriental Group” company of Morocco, having “ECOCERT CERTIFICATE” , which certifies the quality and originality of the product, meets all your skin and hair needs, and gives a special beauty, softness and shine to your skin and hair.

This oil, being 100 % organ city and having no preservatives. Is not cause any allergies on your skin, and can be used for all skin and hair types.


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